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With Fingenious, you are connecting to six regional hospital biobanks and THL Biobank with a single click. Registering with Fingenious is the first step to conducting a biobank study with samples and/or data in Finland. 

To Fingenious

Fingenious is your gateway to:

The hospital biobanks’ sample collections comprise of millions of human biological samples such as blood samples, FFPE samples, fresh frozen tissue or liquid biopsies. Deep phenotypic data such as medical records of the sample donors can be utilized in biobank research, as well as genomic data generated from the samples.

FINBB also co-operates with THL Biobank, which hosts population and disease-based research cohorts including samples and remarkable amount data determined from samples (e.g. genomics, metabolomics, laboratory values) and sample donors (life-style data eg. smoking, dietary information, exercise).

Requests coming through Fingenious inquiry portal are also forwarded to THL Biobank by FINBB, if samples and data of THL Biobank can be utilized in your research project. THL Biobank can also be accessed directly via biobank’s own inquiry form.

Services available through Fingenious

Fingenious offer four main direct services:

  1. 1.    Feasibility requests from biobank samples and data
  2. 2.    Access requests for biobank samples and data
  3. 3.    Direct communication with biobank research specialists
  4. 4.    Feasibility reports and access decisions uploaded

When you submit your feasibility or access request through Fingenious, your request will be distributed by FINBB to all six regional hospital biobanks – unless you specify which biobanks your request is aimed at. A biobank research specialist at either FINBB or a regional biobank will contact you within 2-3 working days of your request.

We aim to submit a feasibility report to you within 2-3 weeks of your request. The report includes the numbers of requested samples across the regional hospital biobanks and the availability of the requested data.

Feasibility and access costs

Our initial feasibility service is free of charge. When we review your feasibility request, we will contact you to give a cost estimate for the feasibility report if compiling the feasibility report requires exceptional effort and a significant amount of time.

Submitting access requests through Fingenious is also free of charge. You will receive a cost estimation of your biobank project during the feasibility and access request process.