Efficiency of the FINBB ecosystem

As a centralised gateway to six Finnish biobanks, FINBB provides access to a network of data, unequalled in the Nordic region. Our service is designed to be utilised by both academic researchers and commercial developers of healthcare innovation and treatments.

Researchers can discover populations of precisely the right subjects with the relevant data 

Commercial organisations can find research partners with the correct specialty or level of expertise


One of our vital roles is to facilitate successful partnerships without either side getting bogged down in some of the heavy administration that goes with conducting a biobank study. We want you to stay focused on your scientific ambitions.

We have worked tremendously hard with all the Finnish hospital biobanks to unify their work processes – developing tools and simplifying procedures to improve relationships and efficiency.

FINBB should be thought of as an independent expert and trustee of the biobank industry. Beyond supporting their activities, FINBB aims to raise citizens’ awareness of biobank research and its ongoing importance in the promotion of health and the development of new therapies.

Description of the Finnish biobank network and individual biobanks: