Finnish Biobanks – FINBB

What is FINBB?

Building the world's best biobank network

The mission of Finnish Biobank Cooperative FINBB is to enhance the competitiveness of Finnish health and biomedical research by providing researchers a centralized access to collections and services of the Finnish biobanks and their background organizations. FINBB's activities create value for its members and owners by providing services at the national level.

FINBB is a cooperative owned by five wellbeing services counties, HUS, six largest universities in Finland, and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). FINBB has eight member biobanks.

Since January 2020, FINBB has been the national coordinator of the European biobanking network BBMRI-ERIC. All eleven Finnish biobanks are involved in the network activities.

FINBB's Network

Member Biobanks

FINBB has eight member biobanks: six regional hospital biobanks, Arctic Biobank and THL Biobank.

Founding Partners

FINBB was founded and is owned by five wellbeing services counties and HUS (formerly Finland's six largest hospital districts), Finland's six largest universities, and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Biobank Network

In addition to the FINBB member biobanks, Blood Service Biobank and FHRB Biobank belong the Finnish biobank network. Terveystalo Biobank is a collaborator.


FINBB is an official partner of FinnGen biobank project. FINBB's main task is the coordination of a larger ecosystem evolving around study.

Fingenious® – Your Gateway to Finnish Biobanks and Biomedical Research

Fingenious Digital Service for Researchers

The Fingenious® Service offers access to Finnish biobank samples, data, study participants, and expertise. The purpose of the service is to benefit biomedical research by serving academic researchers and researchers from various industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, nationally and internationally.

One-stop Access Service

Only one contract and one service provider, but biospecimen, biodata and study participant recruitment from all the public biobanks in Finland. The Fingenious® Service enables research to be conducted smoothly and faster. We provide researchers with a one-stop service for feasibility studies, sample and data requests, study coordination, and contract services. We also help you choose the right partners and experts for your work.

What is a biobank?

Biobank is a collection of biological samples and associated health data. Biobanks grant access to samples and the associated data for high-quality scientific research projects and product development aiming at understanding disease mechanisms and disease prevention and developing new diagnostics and treatments.  

The Biobank Act protects the rights of the donor and allows with the consent of the donor the collection and storage of samples and data in biobanks for use in various future research projects, not just ones with a predefined purpose. Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea directs and supervises the biobank activity in Finland and maintains a national biobank register. Only a registered biobank may engage in biobanking activities regulated by the Biobank Act.


Finnish Biobanks

FINBB Founding Partners