World-class biobanks in Finland support future wellbeing – biobank research and projects introduced at the ChemBio Finland fair

Sep 20, 2022

Finnish Biobanks – FINBB and FinnGen research project arranged an afternoon seminar about how biobank samples and data could be used more extensively. The seminar was a part of ChemBio Finland fair at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre.

Professor Olli Carpen, scientific director at Helsinki Biobank, shared information about the RARE 3K initiative that aims to identify rare diseases by combining biobank samples, AI algorithms, and high quality genome analytics. Director of Research and Services Johanna Mäkelä and Chief Information Officer Pauli Wihuri from FINBB introduced the Fingenious® service that has so far helped to produce approximately 500 scientific publications.

In addition, Director Tiina Wahlfors from THL Biobank talked about the Finnish Biobank act and its current consultations. Together with several specialists, Scientific Leader Aarno Palotie reviewed the goals and achievements of FinnGen Project.

Speakers at the afternoon seminar (from left to right): Olli Carpen, Sanni Ruotsalainen, Aarno Palotie, Johanna Mäkelä, Jukka Partanen, Mari Kaunisto, Marco Hautamäki, Inka Saarinen, Maija Wolf, and Tiina Wahlfors.

Professors Olli Carpen, Aarno Palotie, and Jukka Partanen at the ChemBio Finland's seminar.